4D Armrest For XT Racing Gaming Chairs

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Extremely comfortable, our 4D armrests are configurable to suit your preference. They are coated with PU to offer a soft touch whilst providing good grip.They are equipped with: Front/ Back Sliding Function, Left / Right, Lateral Sliding Function, Clockwise /Anti Clockwise Rotation and Height Adjustment.

Fits All XTracing Gaming Chairs

  • 4 directional height, width and 4-direction adjustable for optimal support of the forearm to relieve wrist pressure and muscle strain.
  • FRONT TO BACK: Addjustable positions front to back
  • UP TO DOWN: Addjustable Height positions
  • SIDE TO SIDE: Addjustable positions left to right
  • ROTATION: Rotation position in and out

MPN: 9999-0117-4D
EAN: 753610492900