Custom OEM Chairs


Design Your Own

Looking to get high quality chairs for your company to sell or use for your employees? Look no further, we provide a custom service to get your logo and colour onto these custom chairs.

XT Racing chairs are designed to provide you with the best level of comfort and support you deserve. Originally designed to suit the ultimate gamers’ experience, the quality of comfort provided to support your whole body has turned heads for those long office workers to provide a relaxing working environment, and not to forget our original two toned design adds the perfect style factor to any workspace.

CUSTOM Colours

We try our best to match the colour you want on your chairs working in conjunction with the factory to ensure you recieve your chair to your specification.

OEM Design

Pillow Embroidery

Get Your logo embroidered onto the pillows also for that extra branding and impact to stand out.


UK Approved Leather

Our leather is fully compliant with the UK Fire & Safety standards. All chairs come with certification of built in fire resistance.

OEM Design

Pillow Options

Choose between a fabric version of the headrest and lumbar support cushions or a leather style.


Various Styles

We have a wide range of styles for you to choose from. From low-end budget options all the way to high-end premium styles with Tilt/Swivel and 4D Arms.

Order quanity

As much as we want to make custom pieces for each person, this is just not feasable and would cost too much for it to be worth it for you. We aim to provide competitive prices and ensure quality when it comes to our product so we have set a minimum order quantity of 150 units. The products will be shipped from the factory directly to you in a container.

If you are interested in purchasing custom chairs from us use the contact form below and a dedicated representative will get back to you.