About Us

XT Racing was established by a small team of individuals who wanted to give a better quality to the office environment. Being office workers and gamers ourselves, we wanted to combine practical chairs with gaming qualities. Having used various chairs over the years and not being happy with the ergonomics or support, we decided to create our own. Hence XT Racing was born. We have tried to not only sell these chairs but to continuously improve on the design and comfort of our chairs.

XT Racing is a play on “EXTREME RACING”. We aim to push the limits of these chairs to the extreme offering the most comfortable chair we can. Whether it be for the office or gaming battlestations. We always give the EXTREME. Designed in the UK, our chairs are tested for their strength, stability, comfort and longevity before being produced in China under very strict conditions and instructions. We test every batch that comes in for quality defects before we ship any to our customers.

Our whole team – from order management, sales and support staff to the logistics team – consists of people who do not only know every product, but who also use our products day in day out and put all their effort into the continuous development. If there is any need for support, our staff will swiftly resolve any issues you have by advising you about any spare parts you should need.

When it comes to accessories you will only find products in our shop that meet our high standards. We’re test new components ourselves before we offer them to you. We have always maintained our goal to ensure 100% satisfaction so join us on our journey and roll your way to victory!

XT Racing – To the Extreme