S6 Electric Scooter

The XT Racing S6 Electric Scooter is a fun & safe way to get around. It integrates a broad range of safety features into a minimalist design, and offers up to 12.5-15.5 miles of travel on a single charge.

The intuitive controls are simple and easy to learn, and braking tail lights & head lights improve safety both during the day and night. It can be easily folded and stored and unfolded just as easily.



Mini Folding Electronic Scooter Bike

High Performance Brushless, Permanent Magnet Motor

Made From Aerospace Grade Aluminium Alloy

The perfect companion to your daily commute to work or just to have some fun. The E6 is constructed with aerospace grade aluminium alloy to keep the weight down and give it a robust frame. At only 17KG in weight and up to 120KG load, the E6 is easy to transport. Other features include a double disk braking system and folding shaft for easy storage.


Mini Foldeing Electronic Scooter Bike



When it comes to XT Racing, you will only find products in our shop that meet our high standards. We’re test new components ourselves before we offer them to you. We have always maintained our goal to ensure 100% satisfaction so join us on our journey and lead your way to victory!